Psalms 11:3.

If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?
Foundations are the solid forces that hold a building together against all odd of destiny. Foundation begins everything. Lack of foundation put everything on hold. Foundation is the force that initial the start up. A solid foundation will guarantee a glorious future. A good and solid foundation breeds confidence and promise great destiny. As proper preparation prevents poor performance, so solid foundation guarantee great delivery. A solid foundation will enable your great destiny but a faulty foundation slows down or compete with your chances to be great. Remember, where there are no good foundations, there cannot be good future.

In this event, held every November, the Bishop prays and destroys the yokes of failure, setbacks, stagnation, spell, near-success-syndrome, family curse, and anything that holds God's children from doing well in their endeavours.

Firstborns' Night

The event comes up every November of the year.