College of Nursing Sciences, Amichi (CONSAMICHI)

About the


The establishment of the College of Nursing at the Diocesan Hospital, Amichi was borne out the burning desire of His Lordship, the Rt. Rev'd E. O. Ikeakor to provide first class affordable healthcare to the people of Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra state and its environs; as well as the need to boost the availability of qualified manpower for Nursing.


As a Christian organization, The College of Nursing and Midwifery, Diocesan Hospital Amichi believes that only a person with the genuine love of God in his heart can manifest the same to people around him especially the hurting ones. Therefore we make it a priority to nurture men and women with the core values of the Christian faith in their heart so that they can translate same in their fields of practice. We pride in personalized nursing care delivery. Nurses who are detached from the patients may not give their required best. Nurses must develop the personal connection with their patients in order to elicit trust from them and the empathy to go the extra mile in soothing their pain and helping the recover.

We believe that professional nursing, derives from a rich tradition of caring, is ever mindful of the health needs of ever changing societies and complex environments. We uphold the virtues of caring as exemplified by the mother of modern nursing-Florence Nightingale. Nursing is an art and a science: the embodiment of caring. It consists of a unique, integrated body of knowledge and requires critical thinking, decision making and problem solving skills. We train Nurses with the highest ideals in mind to acquire the requisite competencies. Promotion of health; prevention of disease, maintenance of wellbeing and provision of therapy are core concepts in Nursing practice. Human life is sacrosanct and must be treated as such even in the most critical of all conditions-life first. Even at death, the emotional bonds between patients and their deceased relations must be treated with utmost respect. We believe nurses should be trained to treasure what their clients hold dear. Nursing requires commitment and responsibility to society and to the profession.

Professional nurses exist to foster adaptation which leads to the restoration of optimum health in individuals, families, groups, and communities throughout the life span. Nursing involves a systematic and cultured approach utilizing intellectual, interpersonal, and technical competencies in the delivery of nursing care to clients. Through the dedicated efforts of the College of Nursing, Diocesan Hospital, Amichi, we raise generations of nurses whose presence bring hope and confidence to the troubled lives of patients and clients.

The College is located in Amichi community in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State. Amichi is typically a rural and agrarian society. Amichi is made up of four quarters namely: Okpala, Ezeudene, Afube and Ebenasaa derived from the names of the four sons of Eze-Ichinwa, the founder of Amichi from the mediaval Okotu dynasty. It is located about eight kilometers east of Nnewi along NNewi-Akokwa-Okigwe Federal Highway. It is the most populous of the six communities making up Ochi zone (Amichi, Osumenyi, Ekwulumili, Unubi, Azigbo and Akwaihedi) in Nnewi South Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Amichi community is bounded to the North by Awka Etiti and Azigbo, to the East by Igbo-Ukwu and Ekwulumili, to the South by Osumenyi and Utu and to the West by Nnewi. Apart from agriculture which is the people’s main occupation, the location of Amichi close to the commercial hub of Anambra State-Nnewi places it at a vantage position to experience the spillover of business activities. A lot of small businesses are beginning to spring up in Amichi thereby introducing stranger elements.

Educationally, there are both government and privately owned Primary and Secondary Colleges providing education to the people of Amichi. On the religious front, Amichi, is predominantly a Christian community. However, before the advent of Christianity in Amichi in 1911, the African Traditional Religion was the religion of the people. Today, less than 3% of the population are pagans. The host hospital, Amichi Diocesan Hospital is the only full-fledged hospital within the entire Local Government. There are clusters of small health facilities scattered throughout the area and are mostly staffed with locally trained health workers who are ill equipped for the provision of modern day health services.

Academic mission

1. To provide qualified and competent nurses to serve the manpower needs of medical facilities within the host community and surroundings.

2. To provide qualitative healthcare services within the reach of rural communities.

3. To provide ICT driven nursing education that will place students on the same pedestal with their contemporaries around the world.

Providing excellence in nursing training.

Nurses are heroes and heroines, too.